Se quer desfrutar do prazer dum tradicional arraial minhoto temos para si o circuito "Festa Minhota", que lhe proporcionará uma noite com momentos de inesquecível alegria na nossa Quinta de Santoinho.

A night of traditions. A carnival of folklore. Candlelight marches. Representing the FESTAS for which the Minho province is so famous for, Quinta de Santoinho gives a true to life festival. An event where the local people are in great evidence, where friendship and hospitality dance hand-in-hand in tune to folk and popular music, to the cracking of fireworks and ambling waltzes of 'giants and big-heads' A typical meal is served, to include: grilled fresh sardines, which one eats with maize bread, pork, chicken, crisps and salad, and wine (red or white) at your discretion. The popular drink "CHAMPORREAO" is served later and the evening ends with a bowl of local cabbage soup "Caldo Verde" to clean ones palate before going home.

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